Open your eyes to commercial fishing

After stripping the seas of life with impunity for decades, serious questions are now being asked of the industry that makes its living from exploiting marine wildlife.

For too long we've held a highly romanticised view of the fishing industry, one of bountiful seas and hardworking fishermen who risk all to put fish on our plate. Only now are we starting to glimpse the truth, a high-technology industry run by wealthy people systematically emptying the world's ocean for profit. That's just half of it, if we knew the full truth about what goes on beyond prying eyes there'd be an outcry.

All commercial fishing is destructive but three methods stick out as particularly damaging; bottom-trawling, purse-seining and longlining.

Most of us will never get a chance to view these methods first hand, so here are three short videos to give you a flavour of what's happening to the world's ocean.