View seafood differently using the hashtag #Wildlife4Sale

Over the coming weeks Blue Planet Society needs your help to highlight the availability of wild marine animals in supermarkets, fishmongers and fish markets across the globe by posting your photographs on social media using the hashtag #Wildlife4Sale.

Swordfish for sale in UK supermarket Iceland

Some people will have access to fish markets in tropical locations, others may only have their local shop. It doesn't have to be an exotic animal like a shark, marlin or swordfish, even the humble fish finger (fish stick) was once a wild animal.

Blue shark for sale at a market in Bournemouth, UK

So next time you go shopping, use your camera to show us which marine wildlife is for sale in your local area and post them on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #Wildlife4Sale.

At the end of the campaign Blue Planet Society will publish selected photographs to help expose the global trade in ocean wildlife and the threat it poses to the marine ecosystem.